Nate Piper

Nate Piper is a seasoned Real Estate Agent with 13 years of experience, and over 200 million dollars in sales.

Nate prides himself on being extremely detail oriented, which is necessary to precisely meet each individual client’s needs. He has experience in a multitude of property types including investment properties, TIC’s, multi-units, condos and single family homes.

Nate personally handles all aspects of the deal from start to finish. With most top producing agents the personal touch and attention can be lost through delegation. Having dealt with one bedroom starter condominiums to multi-million dollar homes, Nate understands that no matter what your price range may be, a home purchase or sale is one of the most important events in your life.

You will feel at ease as he walks you through the buying or selling process so that all of your concerns and questions are addressed, with the end result being a successful close for all.

What Our Clients Say

Smart, savvy, and most of all, considerate.  This guy is the best you can find.  No joke.  I looked and have dealt with many brokers and real estate agents, and Nate Piper is the best of the lot.  He worked closely with my wife and I to not only find the condo of our dreams in SF, but he also did it under extremely strict timelines (4 weeks).  He was able to execute flawlessly.  Nate is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with.  

Most importantly, in a business that is driven by commissions and hustlers, Nate is honest, sincere, and I have the highest regard for his character.  When you are buying a home, you need someone who will be more than just a guy who walks you into a building and quote you a price, you want a partner who will advise you, give you an understanding of the landscape, and work with you to make sure that everything goes as well as can be planned.  Nate does this all and he goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Nate Piper is the best and I highly recommend him.

Thank you so much for making this transaction as smooth as we could with the pressures of year end and the difficult buyer’s agent! You were great to deal with, always responded really quickly and that was really awesome.  Your attention to detail, even getting the rest of the trash out were really helpful and we thank you for it.  We normally sell properties on our own and only pay the buying realtor a commission, but this time I am very happy that we asked you to sell the house for us.  I would be happy to refer you if anyone is looking for a realtor.

And also thank you so much for our present, which was unexpected and appreciated.  I did not expect anything and then when you said you had a present I thought you would bring a bottle of wine or something, certainly did not expect your generosity.  We really appreciate it.  You certainly know how to finish a deal so that everyone has a good taste in their mouth and walks away happy.

As first time buyers, Nate help guide us the whole way through this crazy process with care and professionalism. He was organized, prompt and considerate. He was always able to answer our questions honestly (which is rare!). In SF, it’s a small market and we didn’t realize (but caught on very quickly) that your agent can make or break your first purchase. Most realtors know each other and judge a seller/buyer by the agent representing them. Madness, but true. So we got lucky because in a situation with 3 or 4 other offers on the same day as ours, we scored it because of Nate’s great relationship with the other realtor. He also guided us through all of the paperwork and financing questions, he was patient and super helpful. Nate’s fun to work with and I’d definitely recommend using him if you are looking in SF.

I’ve bought and sold three houses in my life and Nate is by far the best broker I’ve ever come across. Nate has two qualities that really make him stand apart. The first is his attentiveness. He was in touch with me during every major step of the sale process and clearly explained what each of those steps meant, removing any kind of ambiguity. Secondly, he really took charge of getting the house ready to show, including finding a staging company, hiring cleaners, etc. That was a huge time savings for me and not something most brokers do. Can’t recommend him more highly.

Nathan is exactly what you would want in a realtor. Besides being personable and approachable, Nathan is highly knowledgeable with real estate in general. Since there is a lot of stress in selling and buying a property, I relied heavily on Nathan’s knowledge and was more than happy with the service delivered. He knows the ins and outs of the entire process. Nathan was available anytime I had a question via telephone call, text, and email! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he responded as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nathan did a phenomenal job throughout the entire process, from the very beginning stages all the way through to signing the papers and closing the deal. I would recommend him to anyone of my family and/or friends who is looking to buy or sell real estate.

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